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30 Oct, 2014: Sam & John from MED caught up with Olive Hill, Director at Invest NI, whilst at NITC at Queen's University, Belfast, recently.
Padvu at Invest NI

Modern Efficient Design Ltd (MED Ltd) was set up in 2012 by two Northern Irish schoolteachers, Sam Sinclair and John Titterington. We found ourselves constantly looking at ways to simplify everyday life and so decided to channel some of this creative energy into actual projects rather than pipedreams. padvu is our first product. We were initially working on other ideas but saw an urgent problem that needed a solution and decided to turn our attention to that.

As teachers, we both loved using an iPad in the classroom but struggled to hold it steady over student work and experiments. So we set about finding a practical and cost-effective solution for us and other teachers. We persevered through two years of research and testing to get to this point. After an initial launch in February 2013, production problems almost derailed the entire project. Starting to lose hope of ever getting the product to market, we turned to Invest NI, a local enterprise agency, for help. They helped us to build a professional network and gave us funding to help move along the path from concept to commercial reality. Numerous redesigns, prototypes and a new production partner have finally allowed the dream to become reality. We think that our determination has been worthwhile as the new and improved padvu is much more stable and more aesthetically pleasing than the original version.

We are delighted with the new padvu but welcome any feedback from customers.

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